Pressure Treated Wood Sealer for Cut Ends

Whether it’s a DIY almirah or you require wood for construction purposes, pressure treatment is necessary. You toughened your logs with preservatives and compression, so a pressure-treated wood sealer for cut ends seems redundant, doesn’t it? With pressure treatment being one of the most robust procedures to secure lumber exteriors, you might not feel the … Read more

Food Safe Wood Stain And Sealer

While they protect your projects from the elements, wood finishes contain different chemicals. These chemicals can be hazardous to your health. So, is it safe to coat a cutting board or butcher block with a wood stain or sealer? Lucky for you, most commercial finishes are safe once it attains full curing and drying.   After … Read more

How to Seal Charred Wood (A Step-by-Step Process)

Charring is an age-old wood coloring and preservation technique that involves exposing wooden boards and planks to an open fire. Also known as Shui Sugi Ban, it gives the wood a beautiful, rustic feel. Additionally, charred wood is stronger and more durable. But it helps seal your charred boards for maximum protection. So, below we … Read more

Olympic Waterguard Vs Thompson Water Seal

Wood decks are exposed to extreme weather conditions, given their location outdoors, away from shelter. But that is where deck sealers come in, to protect the wood from the elements and prolong its service life. Two of the leading product brands for deck sealing are Olympic Waterguard and Thompson’s Water Seal. However, the two products … Read more

Sanding Sealer Vs Polyurethane

Wood is a thirsty product. It laps up every liquid that’s spilled, poured, or brushed onto it, except sealer. So when working on porous woods like spruce and cedar, it’s nearly impossible to get a smooth coat without first filling the pores. Choosing a suitable sealer is critical to achieving a gorgeous, smooth finish. So, … Read more